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Julia Worrall is a Registered Nurse and Executive Director of FACE - The Foundation for Airway and Craniofacial Excellence.

Decades of experience ranging from acute psychiatry to critical care, led her to California for several years, where she was instrumental in creating a cultural shift within a historically challenging environment.  

However, it was as a patient in 2015 that she had her most eye-opening experience. Julia was introduced to a dental provider that was able to successfully treat her intractable migraines and sleep issues. This chance meeting opened up a whole new world! Applying herself to taking sleep and craniofacial courses along with her insatiable appetite for research led to the discovery that sleep is so much more than just ‘closing one’s eyes’, and that treatment for migraines and movement disorders is well within reach. Realizing that this information is sorely lacking in all areas of healthcare as well as in the general population, she created an organization called FACE which promotes her FACE Protocol (Functional Airway and Craniofacial Examination)

FACE unites proven experts from all fields of health care, sharing their unique perspectives to create an integrated network of providers and ultimately optimize patient care. The goal of FACE  is to ensure that this life-saving information is readily available to the public. Through her unrelenting efforts, Julia has amassed a global audience of providers who are converging on the same path and eager to ‘lock arms’ as part of this bold integrative movement.

Julia is a published author and member of many professional bodies. She lectures internationally and is an expert in applying sleep and craniofacial assessments in a nursing environment. She is honoured to sit on the Advisory Board for the Foundation for Airway Health, ALF InterFACE Academy, Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines and to be a regular contributor to various journals.