Snoring...It hurts ME more than it hurts YOU!

I am stunned by the number of articles out there recommending a 'Nighttime divorce' if your partner snores. Several article tout the benefits of sleeping separately from a snoring spouse so as to decrease your own fragmented sleep, a condition called 'Second-hand Sleep'. While I agree that sleep is crucially important for overall health and wellness, my concern is that in order to avoid having to listen to your spouses snoring, you are leaving them in a room by themselves to slowly suffocate.

As an emergency nurse, I can't tell you how many times a widowed spouse has reported, "I went into the other room to sleep and heard a loud snort and then silence...I was grateful for the quiet." 

As a snorer myself, I know how it feels to be teased and be told that I 'snore like a train', 'shake the walls', 'kept everyone up' etc etc. I smile and apologize sheepishly because the fact is, how would I know? I have to take their word for it. I have concluded that with the volume of folks that have joined in this ridicule of my loud sleep habits, it must be true. They are irritated with me and I feel ashamed and unattractive. I apologize for something that I have no accountability for because I am completely unconscious when this 'crime' is occuring...totally unaware. 

I avoid traveling situations where I would have to share a room. I wait for everyone else to fall asleep first. My thought is that it is not very feminine of me to snore. It is disheartening to plan a romantic evening, only to have your partner grab the pillow and a blanket and head for the couch. "Sorry Babe, I gotta get up early. I can't get enough sleep with all your snoring." A peck on the cheek and out he goes.  I feel dismissed, abandoned, undesirable. On an intellectual level I get it. My heart on the otherhand, aches. 

So yah. I get it. I snore and you are inconvenienced by the noise I make. 

But wait a minute! Get back here...

WHY am I snoring? WHAT is happening to me while I am snoring? WHO is going to help me and HOW can this be resolved?

Over the next few weeks I will tackle each of these questions because I'm pretty sure that My snoring is hurting ME more than it hurts YOU!

Julia Worrall