“The organ that communicates with the world.”

Julia Worrall, RN


‘Not just a pretty face.’

Look deeper…


Society is fixated on beauty. Beautiful faces are functioning faces…

Structure impacts function and

function impacts structure.

The face reveals expressions of emotion, personality as well as the body’s internal status of health and wellness.

Discover how sensory muscles and nerves of the face interact to provide information to the brain as well as how the body indicates the condition of visceral organs through the face. Understand how facial asymmetry and malocclusions contribute to migraines, vertigo, neck and back pain, tics and other movement disorders.

Drawing on the studies and practices of multiple disciplines, healthcare providers will discover a whole new set of assessment skills to enhance their head-to-toe physicals.

This knowledge, shared throughout the healthcare industry, whether allopathic or complementary, is the best way we can effectively help our patients achieve whole-body wellness. So we are looking for incredibly dynamic individuals like YOU: out-of-the-box thinkers, lifelong learners, and dedicated practitioners to help drive this movement forward!


A structurally functional FACE can do more to help our patients than any drug or beauty regimen!


Do you ever look in the mirror and notice the asymmetries and flaws in your face? Of course you do--you’re only human--we all do it. But did you know that the imperfections in your face can relay underlying medical information with important health implications? Yes, the face, as with the entire body, has a lot going on beneath the surface.

It’s time to stop looking at the FACE and assigning attributes of attractiveness or unattractiveness and start assessing the cumulative function of all the sensory organs inputting data for our body…through our FACE!

The future is in your hands!

Join us and help change the FACE of medicine!


How can you accurately assess the health of your own face, your loved ones and your patients?