Face it.

Your FACE is the organ that communicates with the world...Who ‘OWNS’ the FACE?
— Julia Worrall, RN

Beauty comes from a functioning form. Look beyond the surface!

We are learning so much from recent advancements in science and technology however, it is taking far too long for this knowledge to get to the bedside!

Discover a whole new world of assessment skills that enable YOU, as practitioners, to effectively ascertain the root source of many illnesses previously considered 'psychogenic' in nature. We have created FACE (Foundation for Airway and Craniofacial Excellence) to encourage a multidisciplinary approach to these disorders.

Our face reveals expressions of emotion, thoughts, personality as well as our state of wellness. Discover how sensory muscles and nerves of the face interact to provide information to the brain as well as how the body indicates the condition of visceral organs through the face. Understand how facial asymmetry and malocclusions contribute to migraines, vertigo, neck and back pain, tics and other movement disorders.

Drawing on the studies and practices of multiple disciplines, healthcare providers will discover a whole new set of assessment skills to enhance their head-to-toe physicals.

The ability for our sensory organs of the FACE to be functioning optimally can do more to help our patients than any other drug or therapy!

This knowledge, shared throughout the healthcare industry, whether allopathic or complementary, is the best way we can effectively help our patients achieve whole-body wellness. So we are looking for incredibly dynamic individuals like YOU: out-of-the-box thinkers, lifelong learners, and dedicated practitioners to help drive this movement forward!

We are delighted to invite you to be part of a progressive new integrative professional association…FACE!


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Why FACE? Why now?

There are huge knowledge gaps that need to be addressed. The rigid division between medical, dental and allied healthcare providers is harming our patients in profound ways.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to how we 'see' our patient's faces! How disconcerting to think that for all these years we  have overlooked the growth and development of our patient's faces; symmetry, eyes, ears, oral airway, nasal airway, the role of the tongue, the structure and function of the maxilla and mandible as if they were beside the point!

This needs to change.

If we continue to circulate life-saving knowledge of airway and craniofacial issues only among sleep medicine and  dental providers it will take many more YEARS to effectively translate this to the bedside.

In the past, it was accepted that creating a paradigm shift in the medical industry would take 20-30 years. With the technology available today, we can create a viral movement that shifts this entire industry in 3-5 years. That is the goal of FACE.

Changing the FACE
of Medicine

We would like to see every healthcare provider assess their patients with a view to preventing airway, craniofacial and neurological issues. And we need more dental, orthodontic, ENT, SLP, oral and maxillofacial providers to be proficient in treating the referrals from this current massive epidemic of dysfunction.

We believe the best outcome for patients can only be achieved by a variety of healthcare providers sitting at the table together listening to one another and sharing…

Think about this; regardless of what field of medicine you are currently practicing, didn't we all started out the exact same way....studying anatomy and physiology?

From there we began to study pathophysiology, pharmacology, and various other interventions. Then we all went our own separate ways and specialized in dentistry, family practice, neurology, nursing, physical therapy, speech language pathology…you get the idea.

We followed a model that broke the body up into segments and we each became proudly proficient with our little part.

It’s time for us to get back to the basics. To consider the whole body and certainly the airway - the very first thing we have been trained to assess. 

So many so-called ‘psychogenic’ symptoms can actually be traced to poor craniofacial function.

FACE is the much-needed resource hub for all practitioners to reconnect the FACE and its multi functioning, health impacting, oft misunderstood or oft ignored cranial nerves to the rest of the body, resulting in amazing turnarounds for our patients...